Cellophane Paper

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Red Cellophane Paper Red Cellophane Paper Red Cellophane Paper

Red Cellophane Paper

Substance:  22gsm-60gsm
Size:50*75cm,  75*100cm, 50*90cm, 90*100cm, 80*50cm, 80*100cm,100*130cm also in roll.
Color: white, red, yellow,orange, pink,green,blue,purple
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A highly transparent and glossy regenerated cellulose film. Flat paper and roll paper are available. Quantitative 22~60g/㎡. Colorless, can also be dyed in various colors. The paper is soft, transparent and smooth, without holes, slightly breathable, impermeable to oil and water. There is moderate stiffness. Has good tensile strength, gloss and printability. It is used for the packaging of medicines, food, cigarettes, textiles, cosmetics, precision instruments and other commodities.
After using it to package items, it can prevent rust, moisture and pollution. Cellophane is also hydrophilic, so it can absorb water, and it often sticks when exposed to water. The characteristics of cellophane are high transparency, strong gloss, good printability, no need to go through any treatment before printing, cellophane also has antistatic treatment properties, is not easy to absorb dust, and avoids the occurrence of printing failures such as sticking and dusting of pictures and texts.


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